Aug 19, 2012

And now...the 10 o'clock news from Greenacres, Washington

Allan had his 2 CP engines pulling a loaded 20 car coal train. They were even burning the stuff to make their locos go!
My newest addition to the roster is this rare 2-6-6-2 Weyerhaeuser steam engine which there were only 2 ever built for the backwoods of America. The Weyerhaeuser caboose is a figment of my imagination but I needed something for my log train.
2 of Jim Bowden's Big CN locos pass by the mill that is taking shape of the end of the front part of the layout.
Steve Welton's big UP engines lead by Heritage WP #1983. We now have 3 Steves in the club. At one time we had 4 Mikes.

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  1. Hello! My name is Lloyd and I work with a boys mentoring group called Royal Rangers. Starting later this month we are going to be working on our "Railroading" merit and I was curious about coming and visiting your club. The boys will be building a basic layout and I would like to show them some of the really cool stuff you have other than just on the internet. We meet from 7-8:30pm on Wednesdays. You can reach me at 434-6275. Regards, Lloyd Fillis