Oct 3, 2015

SP&S Roundup happened without planning it!

When we got back from dinner on Thursday it was obvious that it was going to be a big night for the Spokane, Portland and Seattle Railroad at the Evergreen. Steve Wesolowski added his FA and GP power to his train while Greg's train had 2 Alco RS units in the lead.
A little while later Mr SP&S Keith Wiles hauled out his favorite #750 E unit assisted by a visiting GN E unit.
Then I started to get recommendations from the group that several trains in one shot would be nice so this spot added to the multiple units showing up.
That wasn't good enough so the gang decided to add even more SP&S power to the collection including 2 of my C-636s for this set up shot. Not bad for a bunch of kids I thought!
I could not let it be said that an interloper showed up in the form of an NP F unit freight. The NP actually owned 50 percent of the SP&S so that makes it OK.
After a tough battle on the grades of Washington State my Alco C-636 gets a look over in the shops to make sure all the pistons are where they belong.

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