Oct 11, 2015

Photos from 14th Annual Open House

We had our 14th annual open house tonight and about 110 visitors showed up to see what we  have been up too.  Everyone seemed to have a good time including the 15 children that came by tonight. Say, is that Steve Welton hiding in the corner with those other North Idahoians?
Mike Baker showed off his Great Northern Empire Builder and it reminded me of how good we had it back in the day when streamliners were the pride of the railroads.
New member Janis had 2 of her steam engines running up on the Green Branch where the older equipment should run as the curves are tighter up there for small engines.
The bigger engines need wider radius curves such as these 6 axle monsters attest.
Burt kept the back of the club in good order by watching for any problems with the trains.
Remember the MRL video? This location was featured in Steve's presentation.

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  1. What MRL video?
    Oh yeah, this one -----> https://youtu.be/UDRFDNEv978