Oct 18, 2015

Saturday action at the Eveergreen Railroad.

When the crew got back form a road trip Thorp, Washington to see a fantastic layout based on the Keddee Wye on the old Western Pacific Railroad ( future e-mail photo coverage ) we found Jim Bowden running his Alaska Railroad coal train.
The power was 5 GP38's? pulling 30 Alaska coal cars and it was quite a sight.
it even had one of those old fashioned cabooses on the tail end which I miss so much from the current
railroad scene.
Jim was also tuning up his Alaska F units for another train but I could not hang around to see what it was going to pull.
As you may know I sold Signal Signs to Gary Frizzell and one of our first assist to Gary was to create this first heritage sign in a large format for a customer. We plan to expand it to cover most of the mergers with the same enthusiasm. The panel material is 1/8 inch masonite so it needs no frame.

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