Sep 11, 2015

Evergreen invaded by the Maine Central Railroad!

In a grand conspiracy with Greg Mercier and myself we planned to have an eastern USA appearance of railroads that we love from the East Coast. I forgot to bring my Susquehanna Railroad stuff so that left Greg to do his part in showing off his Maine Central trains on Thursday.
Will Greg ever trust me again? Wait till next week! His connection with the Maine Central has something to do with family stuff.  The Geep above handles the freight and the E7 below handles a mixed freight on the Blue Main. Thanks Greg.
Thankfully other members showed up with our western heritage in the form of SP&S FAs roaming
the line with Steve Wesolowski  running this long train.
There's the lead unit passing its own caboose so prove how long it was. I think it was 904 cars but I could be wrong?
Janis showed up after dinner with a pair of Great Northern U boats. I good example could be made to have the trucks weathered to show detail as the clean black plaster does not show detail in a photo. That might be a hard sell as I don't know how Janis feels about such things?
Another prize in Janis's train collection is this 3 truck Shay direct form the factory and ready to move logs and ore cars on the Green branch.

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