Sep 6, 2015

North to Alaska via Evergreen Route

Sometimes I spend a little bit more time on a photo when it is special like this Alaskan beauty of a passenger train that Jim Bowden was running on a Wednesday night that I was there to shoot.
Next a coal train shows up with 4 units and 31 coal cars which is the mainstay in income for the Alaska RR.
Tuning up ready to depart the Blue yard is Marvin's beautiful Northern Pacific North Coast Limited which I was fortunate to ride the real one  three times before Amtrak took over. Riding the dome cars was the height of luxury to see America.
Greg Mercier had his second favorite railroad running on Thursday in the form of NP F units.
Big time Spike Gorley goes modern with 3 BNSF paint schemes on his freight.
Marvin's freight on Thursday had the 2 big SD70s in the middle of his consist just like the real ones coming out of Helena. Montana.

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