Mar 5, 2015

Heading west to Monroe, Washington

Last Friday I got in my car, all by myself, and headed for a train show on the west side of Washington State. Being I took the northerly way through Wenatchee towards Stevens Pass I was able to get in one action shot under cloudy skies. This empty coal train was heading east and passing the Rock Island dam it has some of the most dramatic Basalt outcroppings near a road so it makes for a dramatic backdrop.
This close up reveals that someone is planning a do some plastering to improve the look of this mountain. Or maybe it is to keep rocks from chipping off and landing on someone's car?
On the top of Steven's Pass it was noted that there is no snow to speak of as it should be about 10 feet deep along the road but not this year! I guess Boston got our share and they are not giving it back! That's a ski resort in the background and they had barely enough to keep the place open.
Two miles further down U.S. #2  I took this photo of the old GN snowsheds where 100 people died about 105 years ago just to the right of this photo at a place called Wellington where snowslides came down the hillsides and wiped 2 passenger trains and lots of equipment into the canyon. The greatest rail disaster in American history. Trains bypass this area now with the 8 mile Cascade Tunnel a few miles away.
Getting ready for the customers is the caption for this shot as I am whittling down my HO collection of models. I did pretty good at this show.
I also had my photo CDs from my 50 year collection plus a few railroad heralds that I make through
Signal Signs. The Monroe show is about as big as the Spokane shows.

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