Feb 13, 2015

Catching up on Evergreen Model Railroad Club action!

The Fassler brothers, Mike and Peter have a neat looking Canadian Pacific passenger train coming together and they look live they are right at home in the Selkirks
Mr. SP&S Keith Wiles is putting together a early 50s freight train but these coal cars need loads!
Phil of Pesek peak fame, got a new toy in the name of a Kansas City Southern big steam engine. I love how he highlighted the wires between the engine and tender to make it look more prototypical!
Keith switched power to 4 of his 13 FAs he has in his inventory for the SP&S. The coal cars still don't have loads!
Tommy Frank is proud of his BNSF set with one of those famous B units in the middle of the power.
Spike Gorley has 2 CP trains running and when I saw them coming together I got him to stop and pose for this shot. Marvin's LMX train was iceing on the cake! If I don't get them to stop the train will be a bit blurry.

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