Mar 28, 2015

Plastic is your friend!

We got a mini clinic from Scotty on Thursday when he brought in his new toy called a 3D printer. Here he is showing us the details of the printer as I could not envision a 3D printer before yesterday.
Here it is doing its thing by oozing out a tiny line of melted plastic with a heated cup with a sensor telling it what to do. Scotty is making a panel that will hold a DCC chip and the associated wires that go into a locomotive. Quite amazing!
Another rare sight was Marvin running his passenger train with NP U33 locomotives. He is waiting for delivery of accurate NP passenger F units ....but until then.
New member Bob Gadsby has the colors right but they are also in a time warp. The BNSF orange was in the heritage of the GN so there is that. Still looks good!
Canadian Pacific also showed up with a grain train run by Spike Gorley. Love those Province cars.
Burt started his log reload project on the other side of the short wall by putting in the bigger trees and the reload platform. Stay tuned.

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