Mar 11, 2015

Moving freight along the Evergreen Right of Way!

We had an open house on Saturday - the night before the train show here in Spokane-  and as usual I sent out the e-mail notice to the media and as usual they ignored it! Flyers at the hobby shop and my e-mails got us about 40 people to show up for our event. No crowds but friendly people none the less.
Burt's Shay ( above ) was a a pleasant change from the regular stuff and this Canadian National FM unit is another rare model on our railroad.
Terry Frank usually spends his time in North Dakota running a front end loader moving gravel but when the ground is frozen Terry spends his time with jobs closer to home. Here we have him doing his own video or picture taking of his BN train.
Terry also brought in his roughed up SD7s running out their final years on the UP. They are in sharp contrast with the clean helicopter on the flat car.
One recent addition to the lumber mill was this chip loader by Marv Sheppard.
My little 4-4-0 passes another iron brother on the Green Branch. The Green line handles all the older and smaller stuff as the radius is not much more than 24 inches and bigger equipment works better on the other bigger railroad lines.

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