Dec 13, 2014

The many faces of the SP&S Railroad

I had a hankering to gather some of my SP&S locos for a photo shoot and I got most of the family to pose for this shot. 2 of them are RS-1s in different schemes, 2 are F-units in different schemes and the others are Alco C-425s and C-636s. The E unit stayed home with a cold.
The train club books are now in with Burt, Jim, Keith, Mike Fassler, Calvin, Doug, Phil, Steve books are now at the club or picked up already. One more still at Costco that I hope to have there on Thursday.
Famous last words from Marv is "I'm I in the shot?" Nope Marv, missed you by a mile. He had his 2 new LMX lease units running last week and one is weathered and one is not.  I wonder which one he brought from me?
Marv's LMX and BN power make it past the port district that keeps getting better with Scotty working underneath the layout to connect all the wires, But doing the bassasting and yours truly doing the ground cover. Next is the weeds!
A few of the Alcos were taken for a ride and they smoked like they were getting free government cigarettes! Ask the GIs of WW2 if that seems too extreme?
Steve Welton showed up Saturday afternoon and so we I at the club to photograph the new stuff. Between Sunset Junction hobby shop and a Milwaukee train convention Steve picked up a few goodies.
Mr. Clean ( aka Steve Welton ) ran his new set of Union Pacific F units as well and as you can see
his equipment still has that new cardboard smell direct from the factory. No smoke, no fumes, just
reflections from the overhead lights on the shiney,new paint. The cows don't seem to mind!

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