Dec 16, 2014

River City Gold Spike - 1981 at old location near Pines Road in Spokane Valley.

I found this oldie but goodie of the old River City location in the Valley. It was about a year into our new home and this was a gold spike celebration for having a continuous loop around the layout. That's me in the middle getting my usual respect we all enjoy from time to time. The guy in the dark blue shirt is Bruce Nelson, a Spokane city detective, Harley Mederios is the one putting up the horns on my head, he now lives in Texas. Tom Jennings is at the far left of the picture and he built a lot of the trees on the Hangman Valley layout. I recognize Joel Baldwin in the near left with the green shirt, Mary to the right of me, Rocky Gibbs behind Bruce and finally Ron Peterson with the green stripped shirt to the right. Ron is the only one in the photo that is still with the old club. Everyone else moved on. We've come a long way in 33 years but fun seemed to be happening back in the good old days. I still had some black hair back then as well.

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