Dec 1, 2014

Saturday afternoon delight!

After a 2 week delay in messages from the club I have a doozy of collection! ( What's a doozy?) Kansas City Southern F units showed up on our open house on Saturday. Phil Pesek is from that part of the country and he is on his way having a nice stable of equipment for his private home layout.
Phil had these 2 KCS units running flawlessly and the weathering made them look like they have been earning their keep.
Young Steve Welton had this 2 tone grey Union Pacific Northern making money by running freight trains instead of the normal passenger assignments.
Don Carnegie worked his coal train on the Green branch where the coal mines are located. It's a Milwaukee train and it didn't derail once!
Marvin picked up something that does not say Northern Pacific on it so there's still hope for him. LMX will be his "modern train" power and I have a mate for it as I'm looking at it right now as I type.
The big surprise of the day was Steve Welton's fabulous Southern Pacific Cab Forward #4100 where SP turned the loco around so the crew did not have the smoke blowing in their faces while going through snow sheds and tunnels and get killed. They had to be oil burners as coal does not work well on these turn around engines.
To wind up "Steam Day on the Evergreen", Chad Geissler had his Southern Pacific 4-8-4 in working man's black paint instead of the expected red, orange and black that GS locos usually wore. This engine had real smoke as well.

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