Dec 20, 2014

Party time at the Evergreen!

The fearless leaders of the train club decided to have a Christmas party last night and with a dozen or so members enjoying sandwiches, hot wings, and plenty of desserts that were brought in by the gang. 
Milwaukee Don had his F45s on the point of his massive coal train earning its keep for the masters. Alas, it just was not enough to save it!
The big surprise was a preview of Marvin's Boeing train he is building that I showed about a year
ago on the real thing.  The flats still need the "ice breakers" to protect the aircraft bodies and will be
soon installed!
Dominating the night was Keith's Alco FAs so I had to add the sounds of my 2 Alco C-636s to the action. There's that coal train plus that foreign interloper Canadian Pacific pulling grain trains through the Northwest.
Chuck Heimerdinger's photo of a Milwaukee freight trains passing each other inspired me to get this shot but depth of field did not cooperate with me.
We must be along the Columbia River for this shot but I don't know where the 2 main lines would be of different elevation. Maybe Keith knows? smoke!

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