Jun 18, 2014

Skirting the issue!

We approved the concept to get the layout skirt installed on the layout a few months ago and now it is happening! John and Lucille Smith started the install today and it looks fantastic! The gap at Beaver Canyon is a custom cut so measurements were taken to fill in the gap.
This really helps clean up the visual clutter of 2x4 legs and storage boxes from the estate sale we have going to help with income for the club. New carpet is also ready to install thanks to member Kent Clausen so we will not have the carpet gap that was left from the install of the support pipe to the ceiling.
Here we have Lucille doing the install with Velcro and the panels she has sewn to make them fit. Thanks to both Smiths for a terrific job.
Calvin's new model of UP 842, a little brother of the famous UP 844 that still runs as an historic relic from the past when steam was king. Photoshop helps the picture but weathering would be nice!
The tide is in as Marvin's 5 NP locos team up to get the bacon to market. By the way water is tough to do!
The Port District never had so much water as Marvin's train fills up the entire section. The record is 70 cars so the layout can do it with no problem...including container trains! In a perfect world there would be an horizon at our club. A bigger building would help.

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