Jun 8, 2014

Real Life Weathering at Snoqualmie Falls in Washington State

Sure Snoqualmie Falls has a beautiful falls by that's not why I think of this town. The Northwest Railway Museum has this restored NP station as well as other stuff. On the way back home from Tacoma last week we stopped by to see what was new and exciting.
On summer weekends it has live steam engines that pull passengers on a long piece of NP rails plus dozens of old pieces of railroad equipment including this small articulated engine that was built for the back woods of the Northwest.
Along the road near the station are many pieces of equipment in rough shape. Like many museums they can acquire more equipment than they have money to restore the stuff. The machinery to make it run is the V-2 motor that runs a crank shaft the works the wheels. Rough work but it was the best they had back in the day.
This old steam crane could sure use a paint job but 31 inches of rain near Seattle will wear out most improvements quickly. The Seahawks sure like the rain! Does Denver get rain?
When I got to Spokane in 1967 I saw this loco in the back yard of the Inland Empire Paper Mill in Millwood, Washington. It wasn't running but it sure didn't look this bad. Did I mention it rains a lot on the other side of the mountains?
The final insult to this diverse collection of stuff is this electric work car that seems to have collapsed on itself in a desperate manner. Looks beyond saving but I don't have a vote.

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  1. Jerry, that 0-6-0 is about the closest prototype match I've ever seen for my little N-scale Rapido switcher and tender...!!! Now I know what I can do with it. Thanks!