Jun 30, 2014

Disaster on the Evergreen!

Jim Bowden took his beautiful Alaska Railroad passenger train out for a run when he realized a switch was not brought back to straight so he started to back it up when the automatic switch was out of time and turned under Jim's train. No damage was reported and no one was hurt! OSHA was notified!
Off it goes into the sunset and everything is right again with the world!
Chad showed up with his SP steam engine with real smoke but I added a little for the photo.
Tom Kirk had the Rio Grande Prospector traveling  towards Denver and it looked very nice.
Traffic jam on the Autumn section as Northern Pacific and Union Pacific gather heading south.
Yikes! I was waiting for the light at Argonne and Trent and who pulls up in the next lane but Mr. Taliban himself but he wasn't looking for me. It seems to me that he is trespassing on public lands?
Hoping I was on public lands at Trent and Fancher I saw this GP30 waiting its turn to get on the main line on the balloon track at Parkwater. The sun was about to come out when he started to move, oh well.
The location is Sullivan Road overpass on the UP (ex-SI) as this Canadian Pacific loco leads a northbound but waits under the bridge and sat on the main line with his train stopped on the Trentwood Bridge. Why? I don't know why.

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