Jun 9, 2014

I was minding my own business shooting train pictures when an old friend happened by....

Yikes!  There's one of those beautiful multi-colored cars with a colorful light bar passing through the yard and not paying any attention to me as I was on private property. Here you can get 10 feet from the tracks!
What I was after was this foreign visitor in CN colors that caught my eye.  The Norfolk Southern not so much.  BNSF is so hungry for power many locomotives are on lease to move the coal, grain and oil that needs to get to market.
I went further west and saw this UP train stopped by the signal that allows UP trains to enter the BNSF tracks but he is now blocking Trent Avenue! He was there about 15 minutes and that is a no-no.
Part of the reason the UP train was held was another UP going eastbound into the UP yard at East Sprague. Five big powerful locos were pulling a very long train. Business is good!
Heading west to downtown Spokane I saw 2 WB trains stuck in downtown as what's going on? I got to my safe road spot and 2 trains were waiting on the old double track NP main with this UP train on the bridge and a BNSF train with its nose just past the South Hill slope.
A BNSF train goes west and this eastbound UP train starts moving into downtown. Union Pacific has trackage rights on BNSF from east Spokane to Fish Lake near Cheney.
Hearing the horn to the east I moved near the Latah Bridge for a different angle. It really shows the height of the bridge which is a box girder system sitting on concrete piers. The workers can walk through the bridge to inspect for cracks.
The I-90 Freeway is right behind me and the Sunset road Bridge is in the background. No room for derailments on this thing.
Finally the BNSF train that was hiding behind the South Hill starts moving up to the signal tower called Sunset Junction ( just like our hobby shop ). Time to go to work! 6 trains in 40 minutes.

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