Nov 22, 2013

The Queen has returned!

My traveling buddy for many years is Bruce Butler and he finally got his marvelous NP 4-6-6-4 Challenger back after I was able to change the number of the loco to one he remembers as a youth in Spokane's Parkwater yard and surrounding area. The 5139 was a Spokane engine and when you buy an engine of this caliber it should be what you remember it as.  Now we need to talk about a little weathering? 
Bruce is an engineer for the Eastern Washington Gateway out of Cheney, Washington but tonight he is just a kid taking photos of his new model locomotive. Bruce at one time owned an NP GP7 or was it the other way around that the loco owned him as every spare minute and dollar he had was dedicated to the rebuild of it!
It looks even better making its way around the layout with a string of my cars pulling the grades and crossing trestles.
Not exactly prototype but the caboose is a treasure at the Evergreen club as it is the only thing we have in rolling stock from our dear departed member Roy Wyatt. The Apache Pass Railroad was Roy's own creation.
We had a number of guests including kids and they all wanted to see steam engines run. So we run steam engines for them!  Where's the caboose on Burt's train? Did anybody notice the photographer shooting the photo of the train on the bridge? Where's a cop when you need one? At the donut shop?

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