Jan 13, 2018

This railroad is a hometown favorite....the SP&S!

Thursday was a slow day at Evergreen as the snow was coming down in droves so many of the guys
decided to leave earlier than usual so photography was easy to do with less traffic running. I asked Keith
to put his train into the Red turnaround so I could get the photo in a rarely shot location.
We then wandered back to the Red line where the Green branch crosses over the Red main.
Just up the road from the bridge shot is this concrete bridge where the famous fisherman never stops fishing for the big one he knows is there even if a fast freight passes within scale inches of his butt.
Earlier Steve Weso has his SP&S locos running but he didn't stay long as Gonzaga was playing basketball that evening and he had to be home to watch the game.
It's the fist time I photographed the port district from this side of the building and I am in the shot!
I have one of those selfie sticks to take photos of things with my iphone.
Now the two sets of power wind up together just like they did at Spokane, Wishram or Vancouver, Washington. That's what we do here when the snowing is blowing around outside! Bring a snow shouvel!

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