Jan 13, 2018

New and improved Tee shirt designed by Quinn...fashioned by Sorenson.

Sure its I beautiful shirt that Larry had on this week and
everyone would be proud to wear one now and then but
how could it improved?
I though if we only personalized it to something really important
for my lifestyle then we could have most of us photographers
wearing them every day and even nights?  Now where did I
put my ordering book?  Larry could have one say "bomb expert"?
Did the Great Northern have steam boilered SD9s for passenger service? On Colin Fitzgerald's railroad
they did and it looked marvelous!
New member Kenzy Schroer jumped into the hobby with both feet with this purchase of a BNSF
Warbonnet SD70 from the heritage Santa Fe design. He is going modern with a container train
for starters.
Another new member of a few months is Doug and he added a Lehigh New England steamer to his
New York Central diesel. Smoke should have been added but its late at night.
Here's railroad you probably never heard of is the Santiam Railroad named after a river no one
ever heard of either....except Will Windom the creator of the hypothetical railroad from Oregon.

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