Jul 7, 2014

Wishram was a railroad town!

No doubt about it, without the railroad only lonely fishermen would visit this place. But it does have a railroad and it was one of the most interesting in the west. It's the Spokane, Portland and Seattle Railroad and it sits on a wide spot along the north bank of the Columbia River in Washington State. It's hillsides are the famous columnar Basalt rock that came from volcanic activity that is hard as a rock. Wait!  It is rock! 
It was also famous for the locomotive power that SP&S featured which was Alco locos in all sizes.
Here we have an Alco in 2 forms of power with 2 axles per truck and 3 axles per truck, more HP and more traction power to get the train over the line.
A large 6 axle unit called an C-636 ( 6 axles and 3600 horsepower )starts across the Columbia heading for the Inside gateway into Oregon to connect with the Western Pacific at the Keddee Wye in California.

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