Jul 8, 2014

No trespassing was done unless you count the MRL.

So this westbound finally shows up passing that old express box car and us just east of Sandpoint.
This interloper was in trail as BNSF needs every horse it can beg or borrow.
Now we arrive at the old NP station in Sandpoint waiting for the train we were chasing but this guy showed up first as he was a container train with higher priority than a mere mixed train.
Here she comes with 17,600 hp at its beck and call. This spot where the UP engine is located is the beginning of MRL trackage to Billings, Montana. The track to the left is BNSF to Bonner's Ferry and on  to Glacier Park, Montana. About one quarter mile away was that bridge I shot without a train on it!
The above shot was with my 200mm lens and now I pull back to a wide angle shot with the station included. The thrill of that amount of power passing 10 feet away is impressive.
We took US 2 back and stopped at Newport, Washington where 2 stations survived to this day. This one was the GN station that served the Empire Builder and the Western Star. Now ii is a office building.
The other station 100 feet away is the Old Milwaukee Road station that was on a branch line from  Spokane to Metaline Falls, Idaho where a mine was a good revenue for them for years. There is another station on this line at Rathrum, Idaho that is now a home for some lucky soul.

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