Jul 7, 2014

Wearing out the rails on the Evergreen Railroad; time for new welded rail!

This little engine changed everything. I thought I was finished with old time railroading until this beauty showed up with sound and perfection. So when you have an old engine you also need lots of box cars to pull behind it.
Typical of the 80s were SD60s and trailer trains like Mike Baker had running a while back.
Modern locos such as these monster SD 90 diesels in combined service such as we see here in Spokane on the old SI railroad, now the Union Pacific to Canada.
You don't know Jack! Well you should as he is our club mascot as he was born to one of our club member's wife and that is the first one I can recall ever.
Jack is checking out the new skirting so no more running under the layout! 
The Alaska Railroad is well represented by Jim Bowden who spent his adult life in Alaska selling electronic do-dads to the citizens of that great state.
Jim fixed my Big Boy so now it runs proudly on the layout especially when we have visitors and we want to impress them with the actions and the sounds.
Another shot of Tom Kirk's fancy Rio Grande passenger train...what no smoke...but it's an Alco!

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