Jan 20, 2013

What's new on the Evergreen Railroad?

Brand spanking new SP FP7s handle a beautiful California Zephyr passenger train owned by member John Smith, not to be confused by new member Scotty Smith.
Here is the tail car that shows the quality of the current equipment available to us modelers and collectors of model railroad equipment.
Mike Baker had this Great Northern GP9 local delivering the goods to customers along the line.
Great Northern was represented with my 2 GE U25Bs pulling 4 World World 2 era troop cars given to me by Tom Jennings!
Tommy Frank had his 3 GE locos running most of the day.
What's this? Steve Welton has TWO Kansas City Southern SD70s and some of us have none! We need an investigation of this by a law firm or something! Anyone know any volunteers?

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