Jun 11, 2012

Visitor form England gets a real show!

We had a terrific turnout for our impromptu run date for our friend from England named Neil Horton. He is a veterinarian over in the mother land but loves Northwest Railroads after seeing a copy of a Trains magazine many years ago. His favorites are Northern Pacific and Milwaukee Road and we did not fail him!
I brought one of my Little Joe electrics and photographed it in the front part of the layout.
If we are going to let in England visitors we may as well let Allan run his Canadian National passenger train to run with the US stuff. Hey, we are almost neighbors!
 Jim had his brand new SD45 NP units pulling a freight and they ran beautiful.
This could be Montana as the NP & Milwaukee ran about 100 miles next to each other near Missoula, Drummond, Clinton, St Regis, Deer Lodge, and Butte.
Ready to get a roll on is Jim's new NP FT 4 unit set. This model was EMD's answer to end the era of the steam engine.
The new ice station make a good backdrop for a passing train.
Old and new Northern Pacific power is captured in this shot as with real life branch lines and industries got the cast offs from the parent road. I still think my little 4-4-0 steamer is cuter than Jimmy's new diesels!
Playing favorites? You bet! Little Joe gets a helping hand with a GE U-boat in transit, probably going to get fixed or scrapped. I should have put up the pantagraphs for the photos.

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