Jun 17, 2012

Back in business!

My computer was in the shop for almost 2 weeks and I am back at the keyboard!

Allan took my camera the other day and played with the telephoto to get this long view of my little 4-4-0 Northern Pacific crossing
Kyle Canyon. Roy Wyatts's son built this bridge for us and it seems right that we name it after him. I could be talked out of it!
Lloyd showed up on Thursday and ran his Union Pacific Gas Turbine pulling one of 4 coal trains he now has. Allan's work on  the ice house looks good from any angle.

We're not in Kansas anymore Dorothy ( not with those mountains )as UP power passes a Kansas City Southern caboose owned by Steve Welton.
Just to prove we are not narrow focused with just northwest railroads, Steve has 3 EMD's making the rounds. Must be the first time on the rails as there is no indication that they ever turned a wheel. Too clean!

Another view of Lloyds' UP Gas Turbine making its way up a stiff grade to get to the tunnel in the front of the layout. I have a Gas Turbine as well but mine has sound that all the members love to hear it run!
Rick keeps chipping away at the lumber mill and Allan added the signs that I made for it through my Signal Signs process.
We are now officially international now that a Canadian industry has been identified on our layout.
There's that pesky little steam engine we saw on the first e-mail and I thought this angle is a bit different than other we have used.
The smoke in Photo shopped in to give it a bit of life.
This shot was taken on Sunday when we had our visitor from England and he was a Milwaukee Road and Northern Pacific modeler! Ah, the good old days! Maybe that's why we do model railroading to keep the memories alive?

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