May 16, 2012

I was minding my own business.....

When I noticed  a few of the guys laying on the floor!   They were wiring stuff and having a great time!                                  
Rick seemed happy by himself painting panels that will be used to hold the controllers along the side of the layout.  Burt stayed above the layout painting water!
The really big news was the completion of a kit bashed Broadway Limited UP engine that got a makeover to look like a Canadian National Bullet nose Betty Allan did as much as he could to represent the premiere 4-8-4 that rules the rails up north in the late 40's and 50s.. Very nice job Allan. N scale Jon painted it for him. He gets these e-mails so I can't ignore him on this project.
Looks pretty and ran very well.
Me? I busied myself with a fleet of work train box cars for the Spokane International.  I got the cars for $2.00 each and now making them into something neat.

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