May 20, 2012

Club Pizza Party

Normally we have open house events to show off our layout to the public. But this time we decided to have a Pizza party just for the members and their wives and family members. We had a good turnout with Pizza from Rocky Rococo's in downtown Spokane.   Steve and Rick volunteered to pick it up but no one thought of the problem with parking because of Lilac parade was being held the same night! Yikes!  Tonight's theme was STEAM era!
John Smith was running a Santa Fe Northern (4-8-4) past Mount Whitney.
Brock brought in his GN steam engine and pulled 6 GN reefers that Mike baker left behind for a little weathering project.
A guy named Glen Krause showed up (he says he's a member in long standing) but we are going to check on his records. He brought in 3 locos of one was the UP engine to the left, next to my brass GN model.
The interloper diesel in the background was not removed by the owner. Woops, that was me!

I told you that Glen Krause showed up and here is proof! We did a test of DNA on his red hair and it proved to be him!
Welcome back Glen.  Get that camera vertical!
My faithful UP Big Boy made it around the layout without fail pulling 16 or so ice reefers. The real ones pulled 100 plus cars up the Sherman Hill in Wyoming back in the day from 1941 to 1958.
The diesels stayed in the barn while the steamers made the rounds. It gave up a theme for the night and our next Pizza party will be with period diesels with a time line in mind. The engine facilities has the look of Hillyard doesn't it?
Brock's train waits at Bakersville before making it up the grade. Maybe the engineer is taking a lunch break?

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