Feb 1, 2012

Strange beast passes thru Spokane‏

There I was minding my own business when i saw this SD70 ACe in trail heading west. The morning light darkened the trucks but the colors are there. When we were looking for a home for Evergreen RR Modelers the pink building to the left was considered for our layout. We got a better location with windows.
This is what Spokane should look like in orange, yellow and black. This set was eastbound with a string of 100 empty container cars going somewhere in a hurry. N ope, did not trespass for the shot, sorry Dave!
I came across this photo of Mt. Whitney taken almost 1 year ago and my how it has changed!  
This will cheer up young Mike Applegate lost somewhere on the trundra of North Dakota as these are Mike's F units!
Another oldie is Keith's SP&S passenger train passing the ice house before the siding was installed. I would guess the piece of track and the loco was the eye candy to "Get Er Done". 

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