Feb 3, 2012

Leftovers from Thursday night‏

Jim Bowden brought new his new Northern Pacific FT units to the club and are they beauties! The Fts were the first of the
cowled F units that dominated railroading for over 20 years. When I saw F units running around Spokane back in the day,
I don't remember them being this clean?
I took this photo of the Cunningham bridge at a high angle to give it a different look as the two 4-4-0s made their way around the Green Branch.  The Whitney mine has been closed down by the government because they would not put doors on their buildings!
Tommy was sure proud on having his UP passenger train almost finished and running around the layout. Tommy is marking the cars to be sure they line up the same way and will mark them somehow on the underframe.
Tommy's train passes underneath the Thomas train that we will feature Saturday night on the 18th of the month. Jim Bowden
changed the whistle to be more "foreign" sounding.
Young Steve Welton ran his new trainset up the hill in front of the club layout. Say that's mighty fine rock work son!

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