Feb 24, 2012

Open House Success at the Evergreen Club!

The look on the kids faces says it all!  Allan's CP steam train with 18 coal cars on the Green line was just a thrill to see run!
We did not get TV or newspaper coverage this time but a few radio stations carried the open house event on air. I guess we had 120 people but 30 some of that number were kids 6 or younger to see Thomas the Train running around the layout.
The double-headed steam power crosses Heimerdinger bridge on the back side of the layout. So where's the smoke?
Rick's Southern Pacific Alco powered train passes the CP train on the Green branch.
I think this guy is a new member....no wait that's an old member but we don't see him much with his work load being what it is. Both Terry Frank and his wife Candice were at the open house and she gave out cookies and train stickers to the kids when they came into the clubhouse.

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