Nov 22, 2011

New kid on the block‏

We had a visitor stop by this afternoon named Bob who used to own North End Trains in the Seattle area and he brought in his pride and joy Milwaukee Road Westinghouse Quill electric. Bob ran it around a while and I was able to photograph it on our layout.
Here Bob's engine passes a set of Great Northern F units waiting assignment.
Tommy was also running his matched set of BNSF baby GEs passing the Vinegar plant at Bakersville donated to the club by Jim Trunzo.
The big reason Bob stopped by was to give us a few presents to the club including this detailed Intermountain grain car that needed a little repair and got a little weathering on top of it. The club now owns it including a 2-10-2 steam engine, a Milwuakee E-8 with sound and a box of goodies we might be able to use somewhere on the layout. More on this when i get photos taken of the equipment.

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