Nov 3, 2011

Evergreen Railroad goes high tech!‏

If we had to pay this guy we would need Federal funding but we don't so Al keeps doing great stuff to the layout. Al is our
brains in the outfit when it comes to electrical stuff. He is installing a system that will detect a train approaching the switches on the
Green branch that will allow us to run manually or continually on our dogbone track design. It became apparent when we had our
open house that when we were running a train up on the Green that we could not get to throw the switch because of the crowd.
That's my Big Boy passing above by the way.
Bill Jibby has been installing additional plug in panels for our controllers in easier access
locations so we are always in control of our train.
This plug in is at the front of old city where you can see the breakwater implying it is a seaport.
Our other electrical brain is Jim Bowden ( anybody that can figure out electrical for
more than 2 wires is a genius to me! ) Jim is adding a bunch more electrical contacts
to the main bus for more consistent power to the rails. Atta boy, Jim.
Aged to perfection! Jim allowed me to weather his pride and joy 4-8-4 Santa Fe Northern. I was told to make it only 10 years
old and not hammered so it didn't look like it was on its last legs. How did I do? It used to be black.



  1. My dad was a fireman on the Spokane International in the mid 50's. We moved from the Shadle Park area down to Mission & Green in 1956. I spent a lot of time walking around the yard, they didn't seem to mind. Just west of the yards across Green Street was a saw mill that made railroad ties, all gone now of course.

  2. I remember going to Columbia Cycle with my friend to by HO gear for his layout. I think he had 10 or 11 brass locomotives that he detailed, can't remember which line he was modeling