Nov 18, 2011

New and Improved.‏

New member John Smith had a set of A & B units in Union Pacific colors and wanted them in Southern Pacific colors like he saw them in sunny California when he was just a mere child. His wishes were heard by the good fairy that makes things better at the Evergreen and we now have them almost finsihed to run on the layout. What is missing is smoke from an Alco, we can fix that!
That's better! That's what Alco products did when starting up and most of the time running. Though the magic of Photoshop we have reality!
Tommy had his BNSF units on the tracks and he did something he has not done before and that is have an engine at the rear of the train pushing just like
the real guys.
Imagine 100 cars behind with this guy pushing the final 30 cars up a grade and without a mishap!
And finally, Big Mikes' beautiful brass loco with paint! The decals are going on now that I am happy with the smoke-box and other stuff. Chuck H. gave me some pointers on where rust be - or would not be - located on a steamer. I thought it was everywhere? This is a Northern Pacific A4 passenger loco that was the Queen of the fleet before the diesels arrived.

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