Jun 11, 2018

Fw: Train Theft


From: Jim Bowden <jmbowden46@yahoo.com>
Sent: Monday, June 11, 2018 9:33 PM
To: jerry@signalsigns.com
Subject: Train Theft
Hello Jerry,

Please pass this on to all the Greener's and friends of the Evergreen.  A friend of mine had his home broken into this past weekend  while he was out of town and the low life scum sucking pigs that did it broke down doors and did a lot of damage  to gain access. They destroyed the dash on his car sitting in the garage trying to hot wire it. They stole all his tools appliances etc. But most importantly they took his entire HO collection that he has been collecting for years. He is not a runner and has never had a layout so most of his collection was in boxes and many piece are not replaceable. He said they are mainly Alaska Railroad however he had many other road names. This was not a small collection, he had over 1400 pieces of rolling stock alone, not to mention locomotives, buildings etc.  he was collecting so he could build his retirement layout.  So if anyone is approached by someone trying to sell a large collection that hasn't got a clue about what they have and if they are suspicious ,  please get their license  plate number ( or if you feel like it break their legs ) and then contact the Spokane Police Department  immediatley and Refer to case # 2018-10078179 and let them do their thing.  Also Please pass this on to River City, Sunset and anyone else that might be able  to help locate this collection before it is destroyed or sold off for a weeks supply of meth.

Thank You


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