Apr 29, 2018

Sometimes I think my neighbors are a bunch of turkeys???

Does this remind any of you of an obscure rock & roll band photo from the 1960s??? These guys are part of a 15 member gang of turkeys that hang out on the bluff overlooking
I-90 in the Spokane Valley, about 3 blocks from my new home. No one needs to go hungry this Thanksgiving around here!!!

I saw the real ones today at the east end of Yardley this morning showing these GP-50s that used to be Santa Fe mainline units hauling intermodal freights, now they work a branch line
North of Spokane to Chewelah or Colville, Washington. Notice the middle units are cables and serve as power units with no crew access so the lead unit needs a cab to run them.
The Mighty Weso owns the models, the real ones are owned by Warren Buffet.

Looks like we moved to Cheyenne where Union Pacific was the home base for big power such as the double engine Centennials they ran in the late 60s and into the 70s. Larry Sorenson
Now has 6 of these monsters, some with sound and they are very impressive to see run.

What could more impressive than a Northern Pacific passenger train is having 2 of them running at the same time. Marvin had a version for the Mainstreeter as well as a version
Of the North Coast Limited that featured 4 domes per train set. Back in the day I rode in the domes heading out west in 1963 and 1967 and what a treat it was for me and the wife.

Finally we have a freight train pulled by SP&S Alco Century 425s that visited Spokane on a daily basis back in 1960s. It was nice to have your city's name on the sides of the units
Keith Wiles is the president of this smaller version.

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