Mar 31, 2018

Friday Afternoon crew was working on the Railroad!

While Jim Bowden was working on the new paper mill site at the back of the layout, young Jack Pappas
was preping Mt. Whitney for the site of our newest model of a ranger station Jack put together.
The wood chip rotary is now installed in the green building and additional switches and track has been
installed today by Jim. We are waiting on switches to arrive from China or someplace. The tan building
is the main building in this paper complex.
The was a brass kit the Jack found and put together with
solder and care as it was very detailed. Jack did a terrific job on it.
He painted it too!  Don gave it to the club, thanks Don!
Willl Windom was showing off is Santiam and Western fire car this week and I was very impressed as well.
This is our newest member at the club but no stranger to me. His name is Chris MacKay and I knew
Chris some 10 years ago at a different train club. He was 13 years old then and loves modeling and ranching
so he is a welcomed addition to our other 40 members. Brings our average club member age down a few years
as well.

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