Mar 7, 2018

At the train Show... Modeling German railway guns

Most of us follow military history, navel battles, tanks and stuff but not so much for artillery. At Sunday's
Train Show this fella shows up with a railway gun that was considered heavy like this gun in
desert colors.
Next to it was a model of the 4th largest moveable item ever built. This monster had a 33 inch diameter barrel
which is twice as big as anything we had on our battleships of World War Two. The Germans used it up
in Russia at Savastapool (sp) and took a 1000 man unit to operate and move it. The shells would have
been a job moving them alone much less building a double track to move and align to gun.
Here's a close up of the detail and the guy did a fabulous job in the building and painting of it.
Keith acquired 2 more SP&S RS units to his fleet and the semaphores would make it right at home.
Donald's 2 Milwaukee Road switch engines get main line service getting a bunch of coal cars to small
towns running out of coal for their homes to heat.
On a positive note many new members found that our workbench in the back of the club layout has
a grey Formica top that we haven't seen since it was installed years ago. I assume a party will be held to
celebrate this occasion?

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