Oct 28, 2014

Railfanning with the Smith Brothers

This past Saturday I went on an impromptu trip with Marvin and John to Pasco, Washington to visit PF&S hobby supply. That's Marvin near his car as I wait on the bridge at Sprague, Washington.
We saw a 3 unit train heading west and we thought that we could catch him at Sprague at this interesting spot. But after 30 minutes we gave up waiting for the train that had 3 BN green units, rare for them to survive after 19 years of BNSF merger.
We decided to see what was waiting for the westbound as we could see an eastbound waiting in the distance so we passed a large collection of rare vehicles including this Yellow Cab unit. Don Carneigie would be impressed!
Here's the eastbound container train waiting at the East Sprague siding...and waiting ...and waiting.
After a tour of a large hobby distribution center that makes believe it's a hobby shop in the middle of nowhere we stopped for a moment at the Pasco hump yard where foreign power was ready to go east.
Pasco has an NP 4-6-0 steamer on display and I got a quick snap of it as we passed.
Our final highlight was visiting the Pasco Industrial Park where this huge crane was still there since we visited a year ago. That blue spot is a 44 ton locomotive.

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