Oct 20, 2014

Fast times at the Evergreen

Decades old enemies pass each other on Thursday night. The GN and the NP, while owned by the same guy, James Hill, they fought each other for business especially when the GN arrived in Spokane in the early days of 1900. On the Evergreen Railroad they seem to get along with each other.
A similar shot was shown last week of a GN unit at this very spot but this time the cows are not standing on platforms and they have not turned into hamburger meat by a locomotive. Where's PETA when you need them to fix that fence? The Spokane International is one of my favorites!
Milwaukee Road shows up with a short passenger train perhaps it is some big wig inspecting our railroad for a potential merger with the Milwaukee?
I always look for kids with an expression on their face when a train is passing. Kids always get a good reception at our club when they show up.
Claudiu picked up 2 new GN F units with sound and DCC already installed. Our newest member is moving up in the collecting of quality stuff.
There are those 2 competitors rubbing shoulders again as more visitors observe the interactions from a safe distance!

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