Mar 22, 2013

Working over the Port District

After Burt got done with his fashion show he got on top of the layout to do the details on the rails with weathering, add the ballast and smooth out the area where the oil tanks will go inside the red Main tracks. Pipes will tie it all together to the load facility.
New member Mike (Spike) Gorley helped Burt out with sealing the gaps between the tracks with spackle. Its good to have guys with young knees!
At the end of the night I put in the oil tanks that Burt built in a smaller version so as not to overwhelm the area, I put a little touch to it so they look industrial!
Brock showed yup with a brand new set of Union Pacific SD90s with sound and ditch lights! They were impressive.
Peter Fassler, new member Mike's son was wondering why this car looks so shiny. I didn't know what to say to him as I never saw one that looked that way?
The Evergreen club just signed up new member Tom Kirk. That makes us 31 members strong!

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