Feb 9, 2013

More Thursday night action on the Evergreen Railroad

UP Heritage unit in Western Pacific colors shows up on a long freight but a steam train approaches so that could only mean some tourist line has started operating on the Blue Main line. But its a freight train with a steam engine...now I'm confused! The Cub Scouts were impressed!
Newly arrived power in the form of Susquehanna colors graces the rails. It does not have any weathering so who could be the owners of such things?
Tommy Frank's long string of UP passenger cars goes under the bridge with the trolleys making their way between Old City and Cobbleton.
We knew we had the brains at the club, now we have the brawn! The cast of characters are Chad, Jim, Allan and Phil gather back at the future spot for the port district. Behind Jim is our new filing system with 2 dressers on each other.to save space and increase our hidden storage!
The edge of the earth has been removed thanks to Photoshop. I keep playing with it to remove any visuals that hurt the fact that it is not a real railroad scene, we'll leave that to the BNSF Railroad. Maybe I should have used Photoshop on the prior photo?

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