Feb 9, 2013

Evergreen RR hosts Cub Scout Pack last Thursday

Update on our trolley line..... with Allan working on it has gotten it to run flawlessly.The area between the rails needs to be improved but it runs great!
Not only does it run great but now it stops to let off and pick up customers at different spots so now we can make a profit with our new trolley line.
That's if we really had riders!
Mr. Cunningham had has CP engines out for a spin especially making the grade up to Beaver Canyon.
Future member Mike Fassler seems a bit taken aback now that his son Peter has taken up whistle blowing. The Cub
Scouts got the wooden whistles as part of the evenings' entertainment. Will the parents ever forgive us?
New member Phil Pesek introduced the club to Midwest railroading in the form of Kansas City Southern's red F units.
They will look a lot better when the shine is taken off.

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