Nov 20, 2012

We are tearing up the Evergreen layout!

At least part of it that needs to be changed for the track work in the port district. Jim Bowden chisels out the scenery stuff that is the way of the new south end track approach to the port district. Progress must go on!
Burt handles the north end so the track approach is smooth to the port facilities.
Look at this thing. I don't understand it but our resident electrical Guru Allan made this "machine' to control the Blue line where it goes from double track in the front and back of the layout to single track along the east wall. It will not allow a train to enter the circuit if there is a train already in the circuit.  Therefore no head on's in the single track area. Brilliant! I don't understand it but its still brilliant.
These pieces are designed to go near the switch controls for the controlled single track. I still don't understand it as I am from New Jersey!

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