Nov 18, 2012

Taking a ride on the Alaska Railroad.

A visitor stopped by today and asked if he could run his new Alaska RDC on our railroad layout. No one was working on the track work so I asked the guys who were there if it was alright with them. Everyone was good for the idea so we let me run this single unit passenger train.
I think Alaska had 5 of them and it was regrettable that Jim Bowden left early not to see his favorite railroad running on his turf. Our scenery must be close to what the real train riders see when they travel through the real Alaska!
There is even a photographer at the near side of the bridge covering the event as it made its way on the Green branch.
Here we have the 701 stopping at a train station to take on more customers in hopes of seeing bears and moose and other wild life on the ride.
The RDC labors a bit with the grades to reach the top of Mt Whitney. It would not be a good time to derail as the ground is a long way down.
The Alaska RDC passes a silver mine on the top of some God forsaken mountain where men work day and night to pay their taxes for the man. I don't remember the man's name that visited us but we hope he comes back soon.

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