Mar 24, 2012

Running wild on the Evergreen RR PART 1

Tommy Frank's UP passenger train passes a Mike Baker GN freight near Blue main yard. It looks like the ballast crew is still on vacation.
Steve Welton's fabulous UP Heritage units pull an intermodal up the grade over Beaver Canyon.  Modern stuff looks in place just as the older stuff does over the wood trestles in the background.
Rick Martin was working over this area all day with some help from Al Cunningham. They installed a new control system for the trolley line and working to get that back in operation. That little yellow/ blue diesel is Pete Heppler's pride and joy! Mine is the Susy Q RS-1. Nice coupler Pete!
Some members gather just to chew the fat as other guys run their trains on our layout. Hey, it's 6 o'clock and there is still light outside! And no snow!
Before I knew much about prototype railroads I did a number of freelanced models in the name of Timberline & Western Railroad. This brass caboose is a remnant of that vast empire that has seen better days now that I know something about the real railroads.

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