Mar 16, 2012

The Derailment Mystery Exposed

I saw these 3 guys working over by Bakersville and as I approached them I overheard what was the big joke about!  It was me! Dave Anderson will sure be glad to get this message now that the reason for all my derailments has been discovered!  I need Ralph to find out if they start their own car in the morning!
Allan did not spend all his time on solder spots today as he installed this extended height trestle to accommodate the double stacks the guys want to run on the Red line.  Those guys are still painting that bridge in the background, it must be a union job!
Look at these 2 guys doing God's work, putting in ballast to make my trains look and run better.
Allan got 7 of my Milwaukee Road units on the track by assigning DCC numbers in them and we test ran them later that day.
Don's pride and joy grand daughter stopped by with her grandmother and boy did they hit it off.
I am getting caught up on some GP7s I sold to Brock a ways back and I promised to paint them in Great Northern colors. I did 2 in the simple scheme and 1 in the more complicated scheme. You can see my technical way that I float the decals off the paper to apply them to the model. Soon they will be putting on miles and the layout.

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