Jan 13, 2012

Rise of the Diesels! The teakettles must be vanquished!

This model used to be a Milwaukee Road E7, now under the ownership of Union Pacific pulling a string of AHM passenger cars. The B unit was a shell that got the colors to match the passenger cars for Tommy Frank.  Jerry painted them and gave them a touch of realism in the form of weathering.
Guess what our new member Steve Weldon likes?  High tech would be my guess and its another foreign railroad! Just look it the clean equipment! Someone needs to bring him up on Clean charges! They did run well and look terrific but I can fix that! 
Now were talking railroading in the good old days! SP&S with a smoky Alco diesel run by Burt with Jerry's equipment. Nothing shiny on these units.
Just like the good old days!


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