Jan 10, 2012

The mighty Mon-Road Railroad‏

The subject of this locomotive came up last week when Jim Bowden mentioned this engine has gone back to its original owner, the Alaska Railroad. It was in Moses lake, Washington for almost 50 years. I took this photo of this GI 2-8-0 back in 1971 when everything was new to a recent arrival from New Jersey. It was built for the Army during World War 2, remember the one we won? We didn't have Jane Fonda back then.
Last April of 2011 I went back there with the Great Heimerdinger to visit a home layout. We searched for this engine and found it hiding
behind a chain link fence. Monty Holmes,a junk dealer who owned it has passed away and that is where the name came from.
He did not have a railroad but a collection including a retired SP&S observation that he called Ruth, which I assume it was his wife's name.
Some of us collect models others collect models in full size.

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